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    Elevated Dog Bowls vs Regular Pet Bowls: What’s Better?

    Elevated Dog Bowls vs Regular Pet Bowls: What’s Better?

    Not all dog bowls are equal. Some are sitting on the ground, and some are raised above it. And whether you’re an experienced or a newbie pup owner, you might be wondering which one is the best for your furry friend. 

    Although your doggo can gladly devour all the food no matter how you present it to them, you probably still want to make sure you feed your pet most conveniently and safely. That’s when elevated food bowls come in handy.

    So should you get your little friend an elevated dog bowl instead of a standard food bowl? Let’s take a closer look.

    What Exactly Is a Raised Dog Food Bowl?

    As you might have already guessed, elevated pet bowls, also known as posture bowls, are raised above the ground. They help your dog access food and water easier by holding them off the ground. 

    Usually, elevated bowls holders come with a fixed-height stand or an adjustable stand. So, you might need to measure your pup and consider any health conditions to find out what height is the best for them. 

    Raised dog bowls are also meant to help reduce strain, preventing your pup from putting its head down when drinking or eating. That’s why there are quite a few reasons why your dog would benefit from an adjustable elevated food bowl. 

    For example, during our Bella&Toby™ bowl holder model development, we put ergonomics, innovation, and quality at the centre of the whole process. Thanks to its elevated standing and tilting design, this raised food bowl provides your little one with a perfect posture during the meal and contributes to better digestion.

    Our Posture Bowl Pro also has such key features as:

    • Non-slip: finally, your pet won’t drag the bowl around the home while eating.
    • Holder + 2 bowls: perfect for both food and water
    • Premium-quality materials, ergonomic, and long-lasting: the bowls are made of stainless steel, durable, and rust-proof
    • Adjustable height: thanks to its 4 levels, the bowl holder is perfect for all sizes of dogs and cats

    So, if you have never tried using an elevated food bowl for your pet, it’s a good chance to experiment and see whether it can help your pup eat better and digest food faster. 

    Top 7 Benefits of an Elevated Dog Bowl Stand

    If you’re still hesitant whether you should purchase a raised food bowl for your pet, here are a few more benefits you might want to be aware of:

    Improved Posture

    When your dog eats or drinks from a regular food bowl, it needs to bend all the time. Eventually, this might cause bad posture and lead to back problems. An elevated dog bowl can help avoid these complications in the longer run. That’s the main reason why they’re also referred to as posture bowls. 

    Easier Swallowing

    Eating from a bowl that’s right on the floor makes your dog digest food against gravity into its stomach. Raising the food bowl might help your pup swallow food much easier. 

    No Playing When Eating

    If you want your dog to stop playing with its food bowl, an elevated food bowl stand might help prevent it, making it much harder for your dog to carry a bowl around the house. It can also make your life easier by lowering the number of times you need to clean up after your dog. 

    No Laying Down When Eating

    If your dog lays down when eating, it indicates that your pup’s current food bowl is too low. In the long run, it might cause digestion issues. Elevating your dog’s bowl can help prevent it and contribute to better digestion. 

    More Comfort

    While young dogs can eat and drink from almost any height, older dogs might have some health problems like arthritis that prevent them from doing it with ease. A raised food bowl can help prevent pain and discomfort when bending to eat or drink.

    Easier Eating After a Medical Procedure

    If your dog has had surgery recently or a certain medical manipulation that prevents it from eating from a regular bowl, a posture bowl can be an excellent way to help your dog eat and digest easier. 

    Slowing Down Fast Eaters

    When your pup is hungry, it can cram down its food in a few seconds, which might not be that good for its health. Also, certain dog breeds are known to be fast eaters by their nature. With an elevated food bowl stand, your dog will need to eat from a more upright position and thus slow down a bit. 

    Should I Be Using an Elevated Food Bowl to Feed My Dog?

    When it comes to choosing how to feed your dog, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. How old is your dog? How big is it? What’s its health condition? How messy is it when eating and drinking? Based on this information, you’ll be able to choose a better food bowl model for your furry friend. 

    Adjustable elevated dog bowls have proven to be an excellent choice if you want to improve your dog’s eating habits, promote better digestion, provide them with more comfort when eating or drinking, and prevent them from carrying the food bowl all around the house. 

    Our new Bella&Toby™ Posture Bowl Pro can be a perfect gift for your little one, letting them eat in an optimal position and with less strain in the back and neck. Our mission is to make you and your pet happy, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our products or simply want to say hello.